On Earth Day, all of our Eco-Accessories will be 30% off as we promote a greener future in celebration of our Earth. browse the collection here! This line of accessories is designed to be an extension of your wardrobe, and provoke sustainable behaviours in your daily lifestyle.  

We focused on the areas of everyday lifestyles that depend on plastic the most. We found that the most single-use plastics are used when transporting things.  Carry things around has become such a casual use for plastic in our society.

Let's take a moment and think about how plastic (and our) existence effects the planet. When you switch your mindset to rely on something other than plastic, you truly realize how dependent on it we are. 

Plastic, however, is not a bad thing. It has its purpose as a durable, reusable and recyclable material and we are thankful for all of it’s appropriate uses. The problem with plastic is how we think about using it. Why should a material that is proven to exist longer than our lifetimes overlapped be used for the single use moments we encounter using it?

 Produce bags are what sparked this accessory line. The flimsy plastic bags that come in rolls of thousands, waiting for you conveniently beside your food. The bags that are used only from the moment that you want to purchase food - to when you decide to consume this food. (think of how many times this happens, on a single human basis, then multiply that by our population)... The worst part is these bags are barely even reusable because of how thin they are! I could honestly go on and on, but instead - let me walk you through our accessory line of Eco-stylish lifestyle solutions. 

We think obtaining food should be a process that we think about before casually walking into the grocery store. We should think about where our food (the energy that fuels us) comes from, how far it has to travel before it reaches our hands, and the waste associated with consuming it. Therefore, why not integrate a permanent and reusable solution into our lifestyles? Ta da! - A simple solution of obtaining and consuming food in a less wasteful way.



Stemming from that inspiration of the plastic produce bags these mesh bags are our solution. The soft, lightweight and breathable mesh allows fresh produce to breath, but you are encouraged to use it as a multi-functional mesh bag. Each made with reinforced seam construction for added durability and features a drawstring closure and handle. Available here as a variety size set of 5.
 We added these bags into the collection In order to fulfill the need of obtaining bulk food needs. However, extending their purpose by using a beautifully, earthy, green, upcycled military material, redirecting it from landfill, equally making their availability more limited. Featuring a cotton twill drawstring closure, durable seam construction and our hand stamped logo. Available here as a variety size set of 5. 

Living in the city, eating on the go is a common thing. Whether that is stopping by your favourite coffee shop and grabbing a muffin or bagel with your beverage or bringing along snacks that you have previously prepared. Each of these require your food to be concealed and transportable. Most of our options are plastics or clunky to carry so we wanted to create a soft and stylish alternative to disposable food bags.
Indigo Denim exterior with food safe and water resistant lining, carrying handle and zipper closure. Easily hand wash as needed, and machine wash for a more thorough cleaning when necessary. A resourceful and stylish way to eat your snacks on the go, available here



Do you ever forget your reusable shopping bag on your shopping adventures? Same here sometimes and it breaks my heart accepting a plastic bag upon this realization. Our collapsible tote bag allows you to have a reusable bag with you when you never knew you needed it. Designed as an over the durable shoulder tote, with lightweight water resistant fabric, a zipper pocket (to stash your keys and wallets etc.), and compacts into a clip on the carrying case. Secure to your favourite bag or keychain so you’re prepared for any shopping adventure.
We think it’s important that our products create the least amount of waste possible, and that includes our packaging. All of our eco-accessories are packaging using seed-embedded plantable paper. Yes! Plantable! Place under a light layer of soil and water - and a wildflower garden will grow!
It is not only important for us to be more earth conscious in the moment, but also to stay positive and work towards creating a lush future.

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Neoteny Apparel Pop Up @ Snafu Studios

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Why Made-To-Order Matters